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Velocity VR is the Ultimate Gaming Experience

In 2011, novelist Ernest Cline sharpened his vision of virtual reality with his debut novel, Ready Player One. Seven years later, a new film based on his book hits theaters at the end of March, courtesy of Steven Spielberg. While the story is set in the strife-torn cities of 2045, most of its action unfolds in a vast network of artificial environments accessed through virtual reality gear.

From terrible 1990’s movies like Lawnmower Man to the promise of Star Trek’s Holodeck, the world of Virtual Reality, until now, seemed impossible. However, the future is finally here and the things we dreamed about as kids are becoming real. Steve Jobs put a computer in our hand, Elon Musk has given us self-driving cars and Velocity VR has provided us wireless, fully immersive gaming. With state-of-the-art technology and advanced motion tracking, Velocity VR places you inside a world of “pure imagination”. So, after you see Ready Player One, swing by Octane and try Velocity VR. It’s 360 degrees of total immersive mayhem.

*Offer valid Mon – Thurs. VR Sessions are for one player. Not valid with group events or other offers. Expires 04/30/2018