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Velocity VR

Velocity VR is the world’s first multiplayer, “free roam” virtual reality attraction. You and your friends collaborate in an immersive digital world to achieve one goal… survive. Velocity VR is eight players, no wires, adrenaline filled gaming. This unique gaming system is located inside Octane Raceway. Book VR Sessions ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE


High Intensity Gaming

Velocity will plunge you into the future of gaming. In our current game offering, we will transport you through a world that’s trying to drag itself back from the brink of destruction. You’ll be pitted against hordes of the undead, while you wait for extraction. Book VR Sessions ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE


World Class VR in Scottsdale, AZ

Featuring state-of-the-art wireless technology and motion tracking, we are bringing the next level of gaming to you in Scottsdale, AZ. Conveniently located off the 101, finding us at Velocity VR is easy. Our facility also features a full service bar and grill and a high octane go kart track with karts that reach speeds of up to 45 mph.


Velocity VR Testimonial Quote never feels like you're confined to one location — both tricks of gameplay and level design, like in-game elevators to re-orient players in the opposite direction, and the complete escapism of virtual reality, both contribute to a complete loss of the sense of where you are in the outside world.

Velocity VR Testimonial Quote

I am completely in the moment, ignorant of the fact that I'm actually walking around an empty warehouse. In my mind I'm gunning down zombies and rebels by the dozen, with my real buddies covering my virtual flanks.

Velocity VR Testimonial Quote

When the first undead creature comes at you, they feel shockingly close — if you've ever wanted to hear grown men squeal, this is your chance.